Real Estate / 房地产

The commercial real estate market in the French North East is made of rental properties and property for sale, with possibly land to develop. As many local businesses do exist for a long time,  a number of these companies have become owners of their premises. Nowadays, financial optimization and business mobility explain the choice for renting in some situations.


Lands / 土地

Building land for a professional activity is a solution when the existing structures do not meet the criteria for upgraded or new end-users. From negotiation to the purchase of a land, then until the beginning of construction, the time required to obtain permits and authorizations may change considerably. The nature of a land,  the type of activity expected and the construction once on site are key points to control operations and timeline. Our approach is to give first a piece of advice about feasibility of a project and then to establish a quantified forecast of the costs and eventually delays on the chosen place(s).



Warehousing / 仓储

The Northeast region has logistical and warehousing services connected with key structures: highways, railway lines, riverport (at Givet), commercial airport of Vatry CDG. For companies which expect managing their logistics or even developping this service, Arvinna Lands makes a study of the warehouses available, with storage capacity, constraints and equipment.


Manufacturing / 制造业

A production activity involves a number of physical and regulatory constraints. On a project basis, Arvinna Lands conducts a comprehensice search for advantageous solutions: site renovation, functional site takeover, new site development (see Lands above).



Office / 办公室

The choice for an office shall match the company industry, the space size in order to operate, and the expected environment and neighborhood eventually. From traditional city center buildings to new enterprises zones, Arvinna Lands helps companies finding a suitable place.



Retail / 零售

The main cities of the Northeast region have both commercial properties in suburbs and shopping areas in the city centers. However, mid level local consumption lends itself little to retailing. We suggest showroom-style solutions as part of large-scale plans. Depending on the nature of the project, Arvinna Lands advises about the most suitable areas and premises.


Other services / 其他服务

Our business partners meet the service needs of growing businesses, following the nature of a demand and the profile of customers. Fiduciaries, legal services, insurance, logistics and mobility, telecommunications, we propose professionals involved locally or internationally.