Projects / 房地产项目

This section is a short presentation of the real estate projects we promote with our close local partners.

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长兴国际工业园 /ChangXing International Industrial Park

Location : China Mainland, Zhejiang, ChangXing

Address : ChenWang Road

Type : Factory, Office

Total area : 60,601sqm (ground) / Units size : from 3,700sqm to 25,000sqm

a brand new public project near Tai Lake, particularly suitable for manufacturing, with excellent access to the YangZe Delta key cities (Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhu, Hangzhou and Shanghai). In addtition 403,842sqm of land can be discussed for new tailored projects.


蒂姆科技湾 / South Pudong Tim Technology Bay

Location : China Mainland, Shanghai, Minhang

Address : No. 399 WanFang Road

Type : Office, Laboratory

Total area : 38,000sqm / Units size : from 14sqm to more than 2,000sqm

this affordable project in Pujiang Town (Minhang District) is on the East side of the river. Surrounded by new residential compounds and near the South stations of line 8, it is suitable for Research & Design centers, especially in the fields of bio-technologies and pharmaceuticals, but not only.


青浦区西虹桥同联创新产业园 / Qingpu West Hongqiao Tong Lian Innovation Industrial Park

Location : China Mainland, Shanghai, Qingpu

Address : No. 38-39 Xuxiang Road

Type : Office

Total area : 79,831sqm / Units size : from 90sqm to 2,000sqm

a  new project marketed for cost control and easy decoration, with high ceilings and convenient facilities in the surroundings. A good location for the domestic oriented business, near Hongqiao Railway station and Airport and Hongqiao Exhibition Center.


张江春申大厦 / Zhang Jiang Chun Shen Building

Location : China Mainland, Shanghai, Pudong New Area

Address : Building 5, Lane 188, Shengrong Road

Type : Office

Total area : 20,272sqm / Units size : from 100sqm to 530sqm

a project in the Pudong area, with reasonable unit sizes, a good access and affordable. Suitable for companies having key accounts in the same zone, Zhangjiang sub-district. OUT OF LEASE - FULLY RENT


燎申智城南部科创产业园 / YanShen City Southern Science and Technology Industrial Park

Location : China Mainland, Shanghai, Minhang

Address : Lane 4999, South Hongmei Road

Type : Industrial

Total area : 92,019sqm / Units size : from 500sqm to 3,000sqm

Yanshen City industrial park is an industrial project completed in 2005. Located in the South of Shanghai, Minhang district, it is suitable for new production systems, prototyping units and design centers.


中骏广场 / SCE Plaza

Location : China Mainland, Shanghai, Hongqiao

Address : Lane 1688, Shenchang Road

Type : Office

Total area : 79,379sqm / Units size : from 200sqm to 2,000sqm

a modern-style office project with high-end image and a good location for the domestic-oriented business, near the Hongqiao hub  and Hongqiao Exhibition Center.